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Nambu Ippin Doh - encounter marvelous Japanese crafts- Nambu Ippin Doh | Online shopping site that you can encounter marvelous Japanese craft.

You will encounter the unique craftsmen and their marvelous products here.



【2016.05.09 TAKAKURA KOGEI】

【2016.05.09 TAKAKURA KOGEI】 We visited Kiyokatsu Takakura from Takakura kogei -Nambu broom maker- in Kunohe town. Last time we went there in August, there were lots of plants for broom growing in his farm. But now he is still waiting the right time to sow the seeds… Because The timing is so important for the plants’ growing well. It needs rain right after sowing, he said. Rain make them grow taller and strong. Then they can grow up to around 3m really fast. He told us that he was speechless when it started raining few minutes after seeding. Decision of when he sow seeds is also remarkable skill. And it […]

3 more left!

3 more left! And 3 days to go! Anyone can join us? Please send a message:) Facebook

Hello everyone.

Hello everyone. 明けましておめでとうございます。 (Japanese greetings for new year) How was your new year? We hope you had a great start of the year and wish you a special year filled with happiness! Facebook

Special Japanese experience to you!

流工房 in Sizukuishi, Iwate, Japan launch new craft lessons, and they offer 2 FREE lessons of making a Nambu iron pendant (only foriners eligible). ・Coloring iron pieces lesson ・Painting the iron pendant top lesson (unisex black and gold color) 【What will you be requested ? 】 We will… ・ take pictures when you are taking a class. ・ask for your comment ・use the pictures and comments for our web site or 流工房’s publications. 【What’s reward?】 ・Free 2 couses (usually 2,000 yen each) ・One pendant that you will make (usually 1,800 yen) 【Date】 8 / 1 / 2016 (day / month / year) 10:00 a.m. start – 12:00 p.m. end 【How […]

【NEW / Nambu iromware OITOMI】

The famous Japanese traditional craft NAMBU IRONWARE is now on zenstyle. The maker, OITOMI since 1848, create innovative combination with Kyoto Kiyomizuyaki which is also popular Japanese craft work. We visited them to see how they make marvelous work. They are in Mizusawa where is in southern part of Iwate and near Hiraizumi which is world heritage.   They work around burning iron, I felt like getting burnt by the heat even though I was at 5 meters away from a furnace. Could also feel how tough the work is and how much they put their enthusiasm into each item. New items on zenstyle is here: http://nambu1.com/category/iron/ We hope their […]

【New item / Panoreche】

Japanese traditional and ECO friendly items here. “Panoreche” use cloth which is left after making clothes. Tearing the cloth and use the string as the woof of fabrics. It comes from old culture in Iwate which is called “SAKIORI”. People use old clothes and weave them, then make a new thing. All panoreche items are made by hand. Maker make strings from clothes, create thread warp, weave them into a new cloth and make each item. Enjoy the hand made work and the subtle difference between every items. Facebook